Medieval Hamlets

Medieval Hamlets

Medieval Hamlets

Tuscany Region is widely regarded as the richest in medieval towns. This is because in the Medio Evo time the most important cities fought in war one against each other and most of the town were walled and fortified for defense. Often perched on the hill overlooking the valley, towns were built and fortified like feudal outpost and castles to have a full sight and control of the territory.

Over the years, those walls protected and preserved the originality of the villages and their architectonic style undamaged till today, thus offering a priceless artistic and monumental heritage including old Monasteries and ancient Abbeys all over the region.

At the short distance from Le Vallette we recommend Bolgheri, Casale Marittimo, Castagneto Carducci, Monteverdi Marittimo, Sassetta, Campiglia Marittima and the amazing Volterra, an n Etruscan origin powerful city, or the walled town of Suvereto surrounded by the woods of Val di Cornia where several treasures are very well-preserved.

Not to be forgotten within 60 kilometres from the agriturismo San Gimignano and Massa Marittima amongst the most iconic sites of all Tuscany.

San Gimignano is UNESCO world heritage and one of the best European urban organization dating back to the communal period. Its wall belt dates to 1200 and the town is famous thanks to 13 Medieval towers standing out in the panorama with their well-preserved magnificence.
Crossed by the Via Francigena, San Gimignano lived a long and vast fortune in economy and art till 1350 as one of the most powerful and important commercial hubs in Tuscany. History reports, that in 1300 the town had 70 towers, each one belonging and representing the richest and most powerful trade families, all them competing to build the highest tower, however without going over the “Rognosa” Communal tower. Further evidence of San Gimignano richness and importance is the large number of painters and famous artists belonging to the “Scuola Senese” appointed to bring prestige to the city, as Simone Martini, Lippo Memmi and Puccio di Bartolo.

About food and wine tradition San Gimignano boasts excellence in two products: white wine Vernaccia di San Gimignano (fresh, dry wine) first in Italy to gain the DOCG certification and Saffron as D.O.P. since 2005.

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Massa Marittima is without doubt one of the most elegant medieval cities of Tuscany, bishop’s residence since the 11th century, it was so important and rich to issue a proper coin. The historic center clearly reminds the visitor the splendour of the past in the Garibaldi Square where the San Cerbone Cathedral is situated, the Palace of Podestà(XII century), the Palace of Biserno Earls, and the Communal Palace(XIV sec.), the Palace and Fountain of the Abundance; then the ancient mint, Senese Fortress, the Chandelier Tower, the Arms Palace, and some more little and bigger amazing churches and religious buildings. The

Best time for visit to the city, despite they may be very busy, are the 4th Sunday of May and August the 14th, when the two annual Balestro del Grifalco happenings take place. It is an amazing historical re-enactment of crossbowmen representing the city will compete in ability and precision contest.

  • How far from us
  • Casale Marittimo
    5,2 Km
  • Castagneto Carducci
    18,5 Km
  • Monteverdi Marittimo
    28,1 Km
  • Sassetta
    29,7 Km
  • Campiglia Marittima
    33,2 Km
  • Volterra
    36,5 Km
  • Suvereto
    46,4 Km
  • Monterotondo Marittimo
    48,4 Km
  • San Gimignano
    65,5 Km
  • Massa Marittima
    69,3 Km
  • Montalcino
    146 Km
  • Montepulciano
    151 Km
  • Pienza
    169 Km


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