Volterra and Etruscans discovering

Volterra and Etruscans discovering

Volterra and Etruscans discovering

Very well known all over the world for Alabaster extraction and handcrafts Volterra is one of Italy most ancient city.
It may be not the first location to be visited during your stay in the region but it offers numerous historical treasures to be discovered. Already inhabited in prehistoric times, it maintains some inalterated evidences of the illustrious past from Porta Diana, Porta dell’Arco, part of the walled belt, the Acropolis finds, some underground tombs, all them from the Etruscan time. There is a stone Theater from the Roman Era, some medieval buildings in the historical center like Palazzo dei Priori, the Duomo, and its Baptistery of San Giovanni, the Medici fortress.

Starting from Volterra to discover Etruscans is indeed a right choice, the Guarnacci Museum exhibits a large collection of Etruscan finds like the Um of the Married Couple and Ombra della Sera( Shadow of the Evening) slender and very elongated body statue lately become one of the symbols of the city.

Baratti and Populonia Archeological Site is a good next step in your Etruscan discover, with the Gasparri Family Museum, San Cerbone Necropolis, Chariots Tomb, la Necropolis of Caves and Populonia Acropolis as the only one built by the sea.

However, there are so many more locations with Etruscan background: Vetulonia with some remains of the walls, tombs, Archeological Museum; then Piombino, Pitigliano and Sovana with the remarkable Vie Cave (lanes excavated in the tuff) and Necropolis of Ildebranda tomb; Chianciano Terme with remarkable Museo Civico Archeologico; Chiusi with Museo Archeologico Nazionale and the amazing painted tombs del Colle e della Scimmia; the Pianacce di Sarteano Necropolis with Tomba della Quadriga infernale, one of the best preserved in all Tuscany; Cortona and the MAEC Museum; Arezzo, where the famous large bronze Statue of Chimera was found and today exposed at the Archeological Museum in Florence; then Fiesole and finally the archeological site of Roselle very close to Grosseto with ciyclopean walls and Etruscan Amphitheater.

  • How far from us
  • Volterra
    36,5 Km
  • Parco Archeologico di Baratti e Populonia
    38,6 Km
  • Populonia
    49,3 Km
  • Vetulonia
    80,7 Km
  • Roselle
    96 Km
  • Fiesole
    128 Km
  • Cortona
    159 Km
  • Pitigliano
    177 Km
  • Sovana
    177 Km
  • Arezzo
    177 Km


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